Satanic Australia


Satanic Australia has 6 core beliefs.

Core Beliefs

Below are the core beliefs that Satanic Australia holds. They exemplify what Satanism means to us and illustrate how we live our lives.


We revere Satan as a metaphorical figure who symbolises rebellion against tyrannical or arbitrary authority; personal sovereignty; and rational scepticism. 


We believe in self-enlightenment, and we encourage scepticism and a drive to remain informed and educated. 


We believe in bodily autonomy; that everyone should have ultimate control over their own body.


We believe that we must be compassionate and use our strength to aid those around us whenever it is sensible to do so.

Critical Thought

We reject tradition for tradition’s sake, and we encourage critical thinking surrounding all of our actions and beliefs.


We reject supernaturalism and embrace reason. We encourage an understanding and acceptance of modern science and its discoveries.