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Satanic Groups & Resources

A list of non-theistic satanic groups & resources. Includes Facebook groups, forums, podcasts, blogs and much more.

A list of non-theistic satanic groups & resources. Includes Facebook groups, forums, podcasts, blogs and much more.

This page serves as a list of satanic groups and resources related to non-theistic Satanism. This list is compiled by me, Leon Bael, with help from Braden Rhys and others.

Due to the ever-changing nature of the items listed here, I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this list, despite my best efforts to keep it up to date. If you notice any inaccuracies on the list, or you think that it’s missing something, please email me at [email protected].

Note to those without Facebook: Unfortunately, majority of the groups on here require you to have Facebook to access & take part in them. There are still some options open to you, however; any link labelled “Website” is not a Facebook site, and you might be able to use those to get in contact with each group. On top of this, you are still able to enjoy the satanic blogs and podcasts, which do not use Facebook.

Looking for a local list of Australian Chapters?

See our local chapters here.

Philosophical Groups

Atheistic Satanism

Atheistic Satanism serves as a brilliant introduction into the idea of Satanism without any god belief. It is not tied to any specific denomination, and has a number of online communities for different areas of the world.

Church of Satan

Founded on April 30, 1966 c.e. by Anton Szandor LaVey, we are the first above-ground organization in history openly dedicated to the acceptance of Man’s true nature—that of a carnal beast, living in a cosmos that is indifferent to our existence. To us, Satan is the symbol that best suits the nature of we who are carnal by birth—people who feel no battles raging between our thoughts and feelings, we who do not embrace the concept of a soul imprisoned in a body. He represents pride, liberty, and individualism—qualities often defined as Evil by those who worship external deities, who feel there is a war between their minds and emotions.

Global Order of Satan (Formerly: Satanic Temple International)

Global Order of Satan is an independent ministry based the UK with chapters throughout Europe, Australasia, and the Middle East, helping to grow Satanic idealism around the world, in their respective international territories.

As atheists we believe in neither gods nor devils. Our ideology is instead rooted in courage, compassion, science, the self, and in rituals of introspection. These ideals are enshrined in our Founding Pillars.

The Satanic Temple

The mission of The Satanic Temple is to encourage benevolence and empathy among all people, reject tyrannical authority, advocate practical common sense and justice, and be directed by the human conscience to undertake noble pursuits guided by the individual will. Politically aware, Civic-minded Satanists and allies in The Satanic Temple have publicly opposed The Westboro Baptist Church, advocated on behalf of children in public school to abolish corporal punishment, applied for equal representation where religious monuments are placed on public property, provided religious exemption and legal protection against laws that unscientifically restrict women’s reproductive autonomy, exposed fraudulent harmful pseudo-scientific practitioners and claims in mental health care, and applied to hold clubs along side other religious after school clubs in schools besieged by proselytizing organizations.

United Aspects of Satan

This is an atheistic Satanic religion, founded by High Priest Damien Ba’al, based on a belief in empathy, scientific and philosophical skepticism, social justice, and an unrelenting rebellion against superstition, blind allegiance to authority, and arbitrary social convention. We live according to The Baphomet Principle.

The Baphomet Principle: Self-motivation balanced with compassion and reason, in all things.

Location-Based Groups


Atheistic Satanists of Australia

A group run by Atheistic Satanism, based in Australia.

Satanic Australia

Satanic Australia’s mission is to bring Satanic change to Australia. Satanic change requires activism – fighting for church/state separation, freedom of expression and bodily autonomy. This involves issues such as access to euthanasia, removal of religious instruction in public schools, and to ensure women have access to voluntary abortion.

Satanic Australia also has a number of state-based chapters within Australia.

Satanic Adelaide

Satanic Adelaide is a chapter of Satanic Australia based in South Australia.

Satanic Hobart

Satanic Hobart is a chapter of Satanic Australia based in Tasmania.

Satanic Melbourne

Satanic Melbourne is a chapter of Satanic Australia based in Victoria.

Satanic Perth

Satanic Perth is a chapter of Satanic Australia based in Western Australia.

Satanic Sydney

Satanic Sydney is a chapter of Satanic Australia based in New South Wales.


The Satanic Congregation adopts an approach that provides a template adapted from the original ideas of Anton LaVey while reflecting the evolution of human thought in the last 50 years – all the freedom and adaptability of Satanism has been preserved as this has always been Satanisms greatest strength.

The Satanic Temple Australia

An official chapter of The Satanic Temple.

There are also currently three sub-chapters of The Satanic Temple Australia.

Friends of The Satanic Temple Melbourne

Friends of The Satanic Temple Perth

Friends of The Satanic Temple Sydney


The Satanic Temple Ottawa Canada

New Zealand

Satanic New Zealand

Satanic New Zealand is a satanic group based in NZ.

United Kingdom

Atheistic Satanists of Europe

A group run by Atheistic Satanism, based in Europe

United States

Atheistic Satanists of the Bible Belt

A group run by Atheistic Satanism, based in the bible belt.

Atheistic Satanists of Cleveland

A group run by Atheistic Satanism, based in Cleveland.

Atheistic Satanists of North America

A group run by Atheistic Satanism, based in the North America

CA Central Valley Friends of The Satanic Temple

This is a group for members and supporters of TST within the Central Valley to congregate, share ideas, and discuss ongoing actions within The Satanic Temple. Please be respectful to each other and act in accordance with the Seven Tenets. This is not an official TST Chapter.

D.C./MD/VA Area Friends of Satan

This is a mutual appreciation society for members and friends of The Satanic Temple. Threy are NOT an official chapter of The Satanic Temple, but they abide by the 7 Tenets, and follow the same etiquette and standards of behavior as the TST Official forum. As well as organizing locally, they are dedicated to providing a “home away from home” for members visiting the DC area, and for DC Natives who are living elsewhere in the world. All are welcome.

Friends of TST – Sacramento

This group is for friends and allies of The Satanic Temple in the greater Sacramento area. They are not currently affiliated with, or endorsed by The Satanic Temple in any way.

Music City Satanists

Music City Satanists is a group of Politically Aware, Socially Active, Justice Seeking, Non Theistic And Theistic Satanists alike in the Greater Nashville Area.

North Carolina Satanists

North Carolina Satanists is a Group founded by Cole Black, co founded by Sadaya Jaah, and led by Grey Dantalion. They identify equally as Satanists, Atheists and Activists. Their objective is to address the regional concerns of Southern Satanists, with their primary focus being social activism.

Satanic Alabama

Satanic Alabama is intended to be a point of connection for atheistic, activism oriented non-theistic Satanists and their allies in Alabama and our friends from other areas.
In addition to being a social group, we hope to work toward effecting positive change in our communities, while promoting pluralism, equal representation under the law, scientific inquiry, individual liberty, and an empathetic society.

Satanic Alabama is not affiliated with or endorsed by any other satanic organizations. We welcome all non-theistic Satanist of any brand, atheists and nonbelievers.

Satanic Bay Area

We believe in action, activism, atheistic religion, and empowering and compassionate humanism inspired by the myth of Satan in art and pop culture. We do not actually believe in the devil.

Satanic Idaho

Satanic Idaho is a group based in Idaho that shares the goals and ideals of The Satanic Temple and plans to become a Chapter in the future.

Satanic Iowa

They provide the opportunity to meet with other freethinkers, Satanists and secular activists in the Iowa City/Cedar Rapids/Des Moines/ Davenport area( of the anyone in the state is welcome or out of state) . They are not officially affiliated with the Satanic Temple, but we share their core beliefs and mission: to facilitate the communication and mobilization of politically aware Satanists, secularists, and advocates for individual liberty.

Satanic Kansas City

An unaffiliated, independent group of Satanists in and around the Kansas City area. Many of them are members of The Satanic Temple or at least sympathetic to The Satanic Temple and its mission, but they are not affiliated with The Satanic Temple nor do they represent them in any capacity.

Satanic Philadelphia

Satanic Philadelphia is an independent group of self-identified Satanists located in the Philadelphia area and surrounding eastern Pennsylvania, northern Delaware and south New Jersey regions. It was founded in June 2017 by Kira Rose and has been steadily growing since that time. Satanic Philadelphia is primarily non-theistic and is not officially affiliated with any other Satanic organization.

Satanic San Antonio

Their mission is to provide support, community, and structure to the Satanic Temple members and allies. (They are not officially associated with TST.) They meet for informal socialization and discussions in various locales around the San Antonio Area. Their closest official TST chapter is in San Marcos.

South Alabama Friends of TST

This is a “Friends of The Satanic Temple” group based in South Alabama. Their goals & views align with that of the satanic temple, however they are not an official chapter.

Southeast Florida Friends of TST

Welcome all Satanists from Southeast Florida, this group is made to connect like-minded individuals in the area. They are here to spread local awareness and in hopes to one day be a chapter of The Satanic Temple.

Steel City Satanists

Steel City Satanists (SCS) is a religious community action organization with a focus on social justice issues affecting folks in the greater Pittsburgh area. We are a group of people who religiously identify as Satanists and who are united by our mission.

The Satanic Temple of Alaska Unofficial

This is an unofficial TST group created to locate and gather members old, current and new living in Alaska.

The Satanic Temple Albany

An official TST chapter.

The Satanic Temple Arizona

An official TST chapter.

The Satanic Temple Atlanta

An official TST chapter.

The Satanic Temple Austin TX

An official TST chapter.

The Satanic Temple Boston

An official TST chapter.

The Satanic Temple Chicago

An official TST chapter.

The Satanic Temple Colorado

An official TST chapter.

The Satanic Temple Houston TX

An official TST chapter.

The Satanic Temple Indiana

An official TST chapter.

The Satanic Temple West Florida

An official TST chapter.

The Satanic Temple Minnesota

The Satanic Temple New Orleans

An official TST chapter.

The Satanic Temple NYC, NY

An official TST chapter.

The Satanic Temple San Marcos, TX

An official TST chapter.

The Satanic Temple Santa Cruz

An official TST chapter.

The Satanic Temple Seattle, WA

An official TST chapter.

The Satanic Temple Southern California: Orange County Division

A Seven Tenet-aligned social and service organization for Orange County and surrounding areas.

They focus on atheistic Satanism, community activism, and fun with like-minded fiends.

The Satanic Temple Springfield, MO

An official TST chapter.

The Satanic Temple Tennessee

An official TST chapter.

Western New York Satanists

We are a Satanic organization in the Western New York region which seeks to bring together like-minded Satanists in fellowship and serve our communities at the same time.

Wisconsin Friends of TST

This group aligns themselves with The Satanic Temple, and is based in Wisconsin. They are not an official chapter.

Blogs, Podcasts & Videos

A Satanist Reads the Bible

A podcast which explores the Bible, Christianity and other religions and their sacred texts through the lense of Satanism.

Black Mass Appeal

A podcast for Satanists to discuss modern Satanism, its history, left-leaning political activism, and how Satanism relates to current events and pop culture.

Devil’s Fane

Devil’s Fane is filled to the brim with both extended and summarised articles on Satanism, its philosophies and its purpose.

Edge of Hell

Edge of hell is a YouTube channel that covers satanic topics and issues.

For Infernal Use Only

This blog aims to address issues, objectives, and beliefs relevant to the Satanic community. Here, we do not seek to codify what Satanism is or isn’t, but rather explore the concept and discuss news relevant to the community. It does not speak on behalf of any one Satanic organization.

Go Hail Yourself

Go hail yourself is a satanic lifestyle & self-care blog.

Satan Thinks

Satan Thinks is a philosophical blog that discusses various philosophical positions of nontheistic Satanism from the perspective of Satan.

The Satanic Panic

This podcast explores the Satanic Panic, a moral panic of the ’80s and ’90s.

The Satanic Scholar

The Satanic Scholar is dedicated to preserving the Miltonic-Romantic legacy of Lucifer. The central aim of the site is to perpetuate the memory of the Heaven-defiant arch-rebel celebrated within the phenomenon of Romantic Satanism, principally by its Satanic School, presided over by Romantic icons Lord Byron and Percy Bysshe Shelley.

Buy & Sell Groups

LHP Marketplace

A group for buying, selling, trading, or simply perusing Satanic and other Left-Hand Path related merchandise.

Dating & Relationships

Satan Mingle

This is a personals group for Satanists, theistic and non, and open minded atheists or other non-theists. LGBTQIA+ friendly. We are all here to enjoy ourselves and meet other like-minded individuals in a forum where flirting is not only allowed, but expected.

Discussions, Humour & Art

The Art Gallery of Atheistic Satanism

Atheistic Satanism Crazy Cat People

A satanic-themed cat group.

Atheistic Satanism Hell Hounds

A satanic-themed dog group.

Atheistic Satanism Pantheon of Pets

Satanic themed pet group. Anything but cats and dogs, as we have separate groups for them.

Atheistic Satanism Social Outreach

Atheistic Satanism Social Outreach is a group designed to offer advice and support for anyone facing struggles or difficult life decisions.

Dark Arts and Crafts

Dark Arts (And Crafts!) is a collective of artists, artisans, and casual crafters who are affiliated with, or members of, Satanic, Atheist, and Pagan religions and organizations. This group is not sponsored or endorsed officially by any organization, religious or otherwise.

Devil’s Jukebox

this is a group for satanists to share their music with other satanists, music in itself is satanic by nature so dont limit it to black metal etc. share what you enjoy listening to.

Satanic Justice Watch

This is a group for Satanists to post about theocratic efforts to undermine religious freedom and to discuss effective activism.

Ordo Lux Luciferi

Ordo Lux Luciferi is an international, nontheistic, Left Hand Path fraternity dedicated to rational thought and personal development.

SATAN LAUGHED Comedy and Humour for Satanists

This is a comedy and humour group for Satanists.

Satanic Fluffposting

A group for satanic pet photos.

Satanic International Network

This network was designed for Satanists and other LHP practitioners, but all critical thinkers of any faith and philosophy are invited to participate here.

Enjoy your stay and make the most of it. This is the place to be if you are looking for comradery with fellow Satanists on the path.

Satanic Philosophy and Education

This is an educational group dedicated to the study of Satanism as defined by Anton Lavey. But they do not limit the group to just that. They also journey forth through the Left Hand Path as a whole. This includes Luciferianism,Paganism,Wicca and everything in between.

Satanic Shitposting

A group for posting satanic-themed memes and jokes.

Satanic Underground Network

Satanic Underground Network is a collective group with the intention of networking, collaborating, discussing, and exchanging Satanic philosophy.

Satanists Only Lounge

Discussion group for all satanists. Tired of endless Googled “satanic” pictures and bs? This is the group for you!

SUN Artists, Musicians, Poets

Satanic Underground Network group for original writing, music, art, and anything creative in general to be posted for support and exposure.

Temple of Satanic Shitposting

Another satanic-themed meme group.

The Satanic Bookroom

We’re a virtual book group, here to discuss works relevant to atheistic (or non theistic) Satanism. The group format is similar to a traditional book group: we choose a book, read it, and discuss it over a set period of time. Relevant fiction and non fiction are welcome. We welcome side discussions about books beyond the group read. We’re not directly affiliated with any larger group.

Support Groups

Raising Hell

Are you raising your own little demons? This group is for parents of The Satanic Temple and allies.

Satanic LGBTQ Community

Welcome to the Satanic LGBT Community! We welcome all forms of the Left-Hand Paths here (Atheistic Satanism, Theistic Satanism, Luciferian, Paganism, Wiccan or anything which is related to LHP) and this group is specifically for the LGBT community.

Satanic Support Network

This is a support group for those of us in the greater Satanic community. Be good to each other. More detailed rules and guidelines and helpful links incoming.

Satanic Women United

This is a women-only satanic group.

Scarlett Assembly

a place exclusively for sex workers that identify as Satanist. NO CUSTOMERS, allies or admirers- only the Satanists who work currently in the adult business, or have in the past and are considering a return.

S.U.N. LGBTQ+ Lounge

A group for LGBTQ+ members of the Satanic community. This group is tied to Satanic Underground Network.

The Sober Satanist

A support group for Satanists struggling with addiction.

Veteran Friends of TST

An online support group for TST members and supporters who are military veterans.