Satanic Australia


Answers to all of the questions you have about Satanic Australia.

Our Beliefs

What do you believe?

We are a non-theistic religion. We do not believe or worship a literal Satan. We regard Satan as a metaphorical symbol of rebellion against tyranny. We embrace rational inquiry, critical thinking, scientific knowledge and understanding, and individualism. For a more detailed answer check out our 6 core beliefs

What is your moral code?

Our moral code is clearly outlined by our 6 core beliefs . Our focus is on rebellion against arbitrary authority, self-enlightenment, bodily autonomy, compassion, critical thought and reason.

Do you believe in anything supernatural?

We do not believe in the supernatural, magic or any superstitions. We are non-theistic and do not worship any gods. To do so, would contradict our moral beliefs as we are opposed to serving arbitrary authority.

Do you perform satanic rituals?

Some of our members perform personal rituals, while others participate in small group rituals as part of a gathering. While we do not believe in the supernatural or superstitions; we perform rituals because we find them fun, it helps to build a strong sense of community within the group, and many of us just like the aesthetic.
Despite what you may have heard in the media, Satanic rituals do not involve human or animal sacrifices.

Why do you call yourselves “Satanists” if you don’t worship Satan?

The narrative of the fall of Satan, as depicted in many literary works such as John Milton’s Paradise Lost is a particularly powerful one. We, as Satanists, take embrace many of the principles demonstrated by the character of Satan, and we aim to live our lives following these principles. Considering the importance of Satan’s story in our lives, it would be insincere for us to go by any other name.

Do you endorse drug use?

We support bodily autonomy (the right to do whatever you want with your body), so long as it does not infringe on the freedoms of others but we do not support criminal activity. Therefore, if a particular substance is illegal to consume, we do not endorse its consumption.

Can you make me rich or help me sell my soul?

No. We do not actually believe in the devil, or worship the devil, so we cannot help you get rich or to sell your soul.

Our Motives

Why does Australia need Satanism?

By bringing Satanism to Australia, we want to build a community that can stand up for the separation of church and state, bodily autonomy, as well as fighting for religious freedoms and the freedom of expression. We also hope to engage with the community through various activities and events such as: activism, political action, local causes, social gatherings and meetings.

Aren’t you just anti-christian?

No, we are not opposed to anybody practicing their religion, as long as they are not hurting anybody, or infringing on another’s rights and freedoms. We do, however, advocate for a strong separation of church and state and we believe that all religions should be treated equally by the law.

Our Affiliations

Is this an official “The Satanic Temple” or “Church of Satan” group?

No, we are not an official TST or CoS chapter, nor are we affiliated with them or any other branch of Satanism. Members of their organisations or others are more than welcome to be members of Satanic Australia though, as we are a non-denominational non-theistic Satanist group wanting to make a change in our local communities. You can help us by liking and sharing our Facebook page and telling your friends about us.

Where can I find a local group?

If you live in Australia, there are currently a few groups that you may be able to join. Check out our chapters page.

Get Involved

How can I find out more about what Satanic Australia is doing?

You can check out our Facebook page where we post about upcoming events and other information.

How do I get in contact with you?

You can contact us via email at [email protected] or via our Facebook page .

How do I Join?

We have an official Facebook group that you can join if you would like to get involved. You will have to answer a few questions before your membership application is accepted. Before joining, consider the following:

  • Do you agree with our 6 core beliefs?
  • Do you reside in Australia?
  • Are you a non-theistic Satanist?