Satanic Australia


Welcome to Satanic Australia

Ave Satanas!
Satanic Australia’s mission is to bring Satanic change to Australia.

Satanic change requires activism – fighting for church/state separation, freedom of expression and bodily autonomy.

This involves issues such as access to euthanasia, removal of religious instruction in public schools, and to ensure women have access to voluntary abortion.

We provide the opportunity to meet with other free-thinkers, Satanists and secular activists in Australia, as well as supporting our Anzacs across the ditch in Satanic New Zealand
Activities: Group activities include meeting kindred spirits, learning about and discussing Satanic philosophy and activism, enjoying social occasions together, and taking political action for common goals. We are not a ritual or magic group.

Who is welcome: Local Satanists, freethinkers, atheists, humanists, secularists and others who share our belief in the Seven Tenets and wish to explore Satanic philosophy and activism.
What does it even mean to be a “Satanist”?