Equal rights for all, not special rights for some.

We are Satanic Australia, a grassroots collective of non-theistic Satanists that believe in individual liberty, human rights and the separation of church and state.

For us, the figure of Satan is a metaphor of resistance to religious tyranny and a Promethean champion of the marginalised and misunderstood. Consequently, we strongly oppose changes to the federal anti-discrimination legislation that would provide exemptions for religious organisations to participate in discriminatory behaviour.

As Satanists, we fully support the right of every person to practice their faith without fear of violence, harassment or unequal treatment. However, we believe that this freedom should not entitle any person or institution to a position of privilege, or to discriminate against or disseminate hate-speech against any other individual or community. We believe that freedom from religion is equally important as freedom of religion.

Satanic Australia is pro-choice, pro-science, anti-racism, and is fully supportive of the LGBTIQA+ community. We can be contacted on Facebook or via our website.

Ave Satanas! Ave Lilith!